Effective Immediately:

Polara Engineering is our push button vendor, they supply us with both ADA and APS pedestrian push buttons. Polara has launched a new initiative that has been successful during testing in other regions of the country to minimize the timely and costly equipment return for what they deem as “ NPF – No Problem Found” RMA returns.

The process listed below starts with a phone call from the technician to Polara Tech Support while at the intersection during troubleshooting. Hopefully the problem can be resolved on site, if not the problem can be better evaluated accurately upon equipment receipt at the factory. This is critical in determining the cause of the equipment failure.

When making the call be prepared to give name, company, location for their record keeping.

RMA Procedure (All RMA’s now require a “Ticket Number”):

  1. Phone contact to be made with Polara Tech Support by technician
  2. Generates a ticket number that can be referenced (this provides the traceability)

“For all incorrectly functioning product Call into Polara Tech Support while at the intersection – 888-340-4872”

Polara is located in California, tech Support starts approximately 10:30 EST.



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